Cheer-Up Your Yard with Winter Landscaping

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Have you walked outside your home this winter and noticed a dreary feeling about your yard? You aren’t alone. Those bare trees and grey skies can give those of us in the Pacific Northwest a very drab feeling.  Consider a winter landscaping plan to bring some color and flair to your outside home.

Trees – Go Beyond Green for Winter  

Trees and shrubs are a good place to start if you have space.  Everyone in Washington knows the year-around beauty of Evergreens, but there are options aside from green. The Dwarf Blue Spruce has a bluish hue and the Gold Thread False Cypress is a soft golden tone color, both gorgeous when mixed with other Evergreen varieties.

The fruit from a tree can also bring color into your view. Consider the Evergreen Holly Tree which bears a bright red Christmas berry in the winter.  Not only is it a low maintenance tree (other than required pruning), you’ll also be able to use the foliage to decorate for the holiday.  The crab-apple is another tree whose fruit brings color to a winter garden. It typically remains unharvested and the fruit which hangs on well into winter can be a food-source for birds.

Blooming Plants – Color in Nature

You’ll find many options for color in winter plants as well.  The Lenten rose is a flowering perennial which begins blooming in January and continues through March.  It fades as other plants begin to grow.   The Jasmine flowering plant, a subtropical vine with dark green leaves produces exquisitely fragrant white flowers during January.  Also consider the many varieties of conifers with foliage that become more brilliant in winter. These are just a few ideas of the many winter blooming plant to consider.

A Great Time to Add Hardscapes

The barrenness of a winter yard can be like a blank canvass. You get a great view of your terrain and it may spark some ideas for adding hardscapes such as walkways, a bench, arbor, a fire pit or even a water fall.  Having the water source in your yard attracts birds which many people consider a treat in winter months.  If you’re thinking of making changes to your landscape, early in the new year is a great time to begin working with your designer. Business picks up come spring so you’ll get ahead of the rush.

Other Colorful Ideas

Use your imagination to dream up non-plant ways to brighten the feel of your yard. If you like potted plants, you can typically find good prices on the pots during the winter months. Think of a new bright colored pot by your door as a nice way to enter and exit.  Overlooked treasures can also be converted to enhance your space. Paint an old bench in your favorite color or find an interesting bird feeder. You can even add a string of white lights to your bare branches. Just a few well-placed items can make a big change to your wintery yard, giving it a much more upbeat and cheerful look.

Winter is no excuse not to enjoy the outdoors. Take your time and have fun coming up with ideas. Proscapes is always here to help you get the planting done right and work with you on new landscape designs.

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