Benefits of Doing Hardscape Projects in the Winter

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If you’ve been considering a new hardscape addition such as new patio or driveway but didn’t have time in the warmer months, don’t discount the idea of a winter hardscape project.  Consider the benefits outlined below and call us if you’re interested in the off-season perks.

Cost Savings. As demand for labor and materials decrease in the winter, inventory prices drop by around 5 to 10 percent which can mean sizable savings. Or, you can apply that savings to upgrades and additional features so you get more for your money.

Quicker Completion. In the warmer months when businesses have more projects underway, it takes longer to see your installation work completed. During the winter, wait times are shorter. If you need to get a building permit, the local departments are also typically slower in winter slower so even this process gets simpler.

More Time to Design.  A hardscape design often goes through more than one round of open and honest discussion about different approaches including the design and style, materials and colors. This process can take a few weeks and you don’t want to rush it because making changes later can be costly. The slower season of winter affords you more time to get it right.

Winter Usefulness.  Depending on the type of hardscape you’re considering, you’ll likely be able to enjoy it this winter. For example, a fire pit will allow you to linger by the fire as temperatures drop. Even patios with a few heat lamps can be enjoyable during the colder months.

Smart Drainage Planning.  By timing a hardscape project right before or during the early winter, you can benefit from a more permeable surface which provides better drainage. Most hard set installations can be prepped to take advantage of the extra wet. This allows for landscape construction to be planned and designed with the water in mind because drainage needs are clearly visible.

A Winter Concrete Pouring Process.  You’ll want to choose a landscape construction company familiar with the specific process of pouring concrete in the winter. Colder months can actually allow cement to cure more correctly. Curing, also known as the hydration process is when chemicals in the concrete react with water to bind the mixture together.  Concrete is more durable when it has time to cure at a slower rate.  In the winter, concrete can be poured as long as temperatures are at least 25 degrees and rising throughout the day. At night, blankets are applied to ensure that curing happens at the correct speed. This means less cracking and a longer life span.

Stamped or Decorative Concrete. If you’re considering concrete for a patio or driveway, decorative and stamped concrete can give the look of a stone surface. You can choose from a variety of colors and textures that work well with your home or property.

Don’t fret about the cold and rain if you’re thinking about a new patio, driveway or other hardscape addition to your home or property. There are benefits to working off-season and we are happy to talk about the best time to schedule yours. Call Proscapes today.

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