At Proscapes, we see every project as a unique opportunity to create outdoor enjoyment for people. We know from years of experience that each customer has their individual goals, and their own imagination and ideas. Our mission is to collaborate with customers to bring their imagination and our expertise together to create their ideal outdoor experience.

Responsive Service

We recognize that it isn’t just about what we do but how we do it. Our reputation and our responsiveness is what gives customers the confidence they need to relax while we’re at work. We work hard up front to understand a customer’s individual needs and create designs based on their objectives. Then we managed the work according to a schedule which minimizes surprises. If questions arise, we’re easy to reach and we address questions promptly. See Our Process.

Client Trust

Our customers are the heart of our business and earning their trust in our ability to do great work is what we value most. We have many long-time and repeat customers that have helped us grow through recommendations and we are committed to continual improvement through their input. In fact, we actively pursue feedback, not just the positive reviews, but ideas on how we can be even better. While ‘customer satisfaction’ may be the common measure of success for most businesses, our teams aim much higher. They want the ‘Wow’ feedback that means we’ve created a ‘Raving Fan’ of our work.

Affordable Services

We also want customers to feel good about the value they’ve received. We aim to keep our prices in the mid-tier range while delivering superior craftsmanship so the customer appreciates the overall value. Through partnerships we’ve created with our suppliers and efficient business and project management, we strive to keep our services affordable.

We are a full-service landscape company and our services continue to expand. Whether it’s to create a patio for social gatherings, a sport area for exercise and fun, a water garden to relax in, or a functional solution for a home, we can turn a customer’s vision into their personal and optimal outdoor experience.

We welcome with enthusiasm the opportunity to create that experience for you.